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August 3rd (Part 1)  August 24th (Part 2)

Ancient cultures know the importance of honouring the ancestors. They know that each one of us is part of a long chain of those who came before us. They know that healed Lake.mason.sept.2013.2ancestors means a healthy family. For that reason honoring the ancestors through ritual is embedded in daily life.

However, many people today are disconnected from their ancestors because of family dysfunction, trauma, war, or possibly from a lack of cultural knowledge.

I would say that about 80% of the issues my clients come to me with are a result of a wounded family. In order to heal the family, we must also heal the ancestors because past family experiences often pass down the family chain to affect us today. All our ancestors need to be honored, especially those who lived or died tragically, so the trauma of their death stops disturbing the family. When we honor them, we restore them to the family tree and repair the collective lineage.

Honoring our ancestors is honoring our future. We are the bearers of both pain and blessings of many generations. Working with and healing the family tree is a powerful way to support our well-being, and the well-being of our family at the present time.

By remembering our ancestors with laughter or with tears, we welcome them home, and allow the tree of our lineage to become strong. As a result, we feel more supported, and less lonely or abandoned. This is so because our ancestors care about us deeply, and wish to energetically empower us.

Should you feel called to step forward and be the healer of your family lineage, you may want to consider joining  this workshop. This workshop teaches how to find your guardian ancestor through shamanic journeying and how to forgive, be forgiven and heal those who came before you. It is powerful work that benefits you, your family, and your family‚Äôs descents of future generations to come. The objective of this  course is to reconnect with the ancestors, so that they can heal us and support us in manifesting our dreams.

Much of the Above Narrative was written by Sony Baron  (a wonderful teacher and practitioner who lives in BC)

Facilitator: Alec Davis

Date: August 3rd (Part 1)  August 24th (Part 2)

10am - 5pm

Location: Seattle, WA

Price: $300.00

Have questions or want to register email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.