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Alec is the founder of Present Journeys and is a teacher and shamanic practitioner.   In Alec’s spiritual & shamanic training he has had the opportunity to study, train, and mentor with many wonderful teachers.   He is extremly grateful for their guidance and his practice. 

One of the most important lessons that he’s learned in being a teacher for more than 50 years is the importance of always being a student.   He believes that by staying open and receptive to learning he has the opportunity to travel to rich depths & luminous heights, that he would not have imagined.

Alec feels that by his continued process of awakening to his own life, he has the opportunity to teach, assist and support others as they awaken to their own lives. Alec.MorganAug2012

He began a personal meditation practice in 1973.  In the late 70’s and early 80’s he helped his teacher organize meditation conferences and gatherings around the world.   That began a 20 year career in the travel industry, with a focus on groups, conventions, finance, as well as logistics.

Back pain from decades of long distance running brought him to yoga (Asana practice) in 1988.  He found that yoga (Asana) combined with a daily practice of meditation (Dhyan) brought more balance to his life.  While teaching yoga classes in 2007 to snow sport lovers he realized it was time to take the step of completing his yoga teacher training.  

He works with clients to teach them how to journey, as well as assisting them with their personal awakening and healing.   Alec is a facilitator in Trance Dance.  (Certified through Trance Dance International)  He is a certified facilitator for Thought Patterns for High Performance (The Pacific Institute).

Alec teaches yoga at Maya Whole Health, Olympic Athletic Club, and also previously at Seattle Hatha Yoga Center. During the winter you can sometimes find him teaching skiing, which he has done for 25 years.  

Alec is a clay artist, who has had numerous solo & group shows.  He currently teaches clay at Moshier Art Center, as well as at the Seattle Artist League. Alec has a BA degree in Art Education,  as well as an MFA in ceramics from George Washington University.  You can see his clay work by clicking on the link below.

Scheduling a Session

For more information: call 206-499-8956 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Location: Seattle, WA 98118

85-180 minute sessions are $235, they are on Zoom, in-person, and on the phone (my rate is flexible based on your individual circumstances)

Some of the Shamanic work that I do:

Soul Retrieval

As a practitioner I learned Soul Retrieval from Sandra Ingerman. Soul retrieval allows your spirit guides to assist in bringing you back into more balance and wellness. It brings healing to both body and spirit, integrating parts that may have been missing. " The soul parts leave because of a trauma taking gifts and strengths with them such as how to love, trust, be creative, be joyful, etc.” Sandra Ingerman
Shamanic Journeying

Individual sessions can be scheduled to learn how to journey. Journeying can and is also taught in evening and weekend workshops. “Shamanic journeying is a discipline. Part of shamanic journeying is learning how to get very clear answers from helping spirits so that they become the authority and can answer all your questions. This is why shamanism is called the path of direct revelation.” Sandra Ingerman Schedule a Session


I will work with you to help you discover and learn how to work with your ancestors, creating personal healing and empowerment, through relationship with your loving ancestors. In our western culture we mostly refer to ancestors as family that came before us who are now dead. From a Shamanic perspective our ancestors are more expansive than just that point of view. They may not have a body but their spirit is very much alive.

Compassionate Depossession

Having studied with Betsy's Bergstrom my approach to this process is gentle and respectful. An overshadowing being is made 'buoyant' by means of pouring light into it's energetic heart, and helping spirits are called to slowly assist this being to a better place, from which it cannot return to earth or to another incarnate human being. The possessing spirit is gradually attuned to another realm and taken care of by whatever helping spirits it recognizes.


Being grounded means being aware of yourself and the physical world around you. Grounding is a choice. It isn’t something you heal, it is something that you do. To ground is to show up and be present, which is the first step that matters to everything that is important in our lives.

Work with artists

It is the opinion of some art historians that art has its roots in shamanism and that its original function was to illustrate the shamanic experience and be a focus for shamanic power. Shamanic expression can show up in many different forms, painting, writing, and singing to name but a few. Shamanic art is never just ornamental. It gives us a view of what spirits look like, provides a map for a practitioner, as well as generating symbols of wholeness. Expressions and the ways to express are only as limited as the artists/creators own limitations.

Fire Ceremonies

The fire ceremony is an ancient healing ceremony that is among the oldest still known to man today. Fire can transmute the heavy energy into a light energy releasing it to the universe. The fire ceremonies that I offer are based on my own personal experiences. It is important to remember that it is the intent that is most important aspect of any ceremony. Your intent, your thoughts, your words, and your prayers will dictate your results.

Working with animals

Shamanic work is very effective with animals as well as people. The process is very similar the main difference being that work with animals is often done remotely. Shamanic practitioners do not attempt to heal (as tends to be the practice of allopathic veterinary care) the practitioner will look at the whole system and track it to the source. The practitioner works with healing the spiritual origins of illness such that the trauma-filled imprint no longer influences the health or reality of your companion.

Transformational Coaching

Transformational coaching is far more powerful than problem solving, which addresses the symptom but not the root cause of the symptom. Discovering the root cause gives you choice where presently there is none. Coaching empowers you to shift those interpretations, which no longer serve you. It also empowers you to practice new ways of being that align with your desires in order to reach your highest potential. It is transformational in nature because it focuses on the states of being that generate actions, which either move the client closer to their desired outcomes or further away.


Mentoring is much more than answering the occasional question, it’s about establishing a relationship of learning and communication. Unlike a classroom setting it is a much more informal form of learning. Mentoring is typically done over a longer period of time. It could also involve attending seminars, and or workshops that compliment the mentorship work.

Vision Quests

A vision quest is an ancient ceremony. It is a rite of passage, taking you from where you currently are to a place of awakening, and to a new way of being. It can also be a process of healing and awakening. Working with your helping spirits you find the meaning of this life transition. A vision quest can be undertaken at any point in your life

Book a Session

75-180 minute sessions are $235, Zoom, in-person,or on the phone.

60 minute (shorter sessions or coaching) are $95.00 

(I am flexible with my rate based on your individual circumstances. If you have questions do not hesitate to ask)

Location: Seattle, WA 98118

For more information: call 206-499-8956 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Alec brings great heart, compassion, clear communication, and integrity to his teaching.  He has a depth of expericence that he draws from.   Alec is a gifted teacher and has a lot to offer all who study with him."  Sandra Ingerman