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 Rescheduled Summer 2024  

This workshop is an introduction, beginning, or deepening of a practice in working with your Ancestors.  You will learn how to work in a safe way; with healthy & clear  boundries. 

Ancient & Indigenious cultures know how imporrtant it is to horour their ancestors.  Each one of us has a very deep & long line of those who've come before us,  These ancient cultures know how important it is to have healthy & loving relationships with their ancestors.  Many rituals & ceremonies honoring them are part of their daily lives.

In this workshop you will begin, or deepen your relationship with you ancestors.  Having a spiritual practice that involves working with acestors is a beautiful way to bring healing to our family tree & ourselves.                         

Learn to have healing conversations,  practice listening, and then begin to trust the wisdom that they share.


Prior to the workshop you have an opportunity, and are encouraged to learn about your ancestors.  Connect with family members who know your roots/family tree, DNA ancestry tests, and conduct research.

A practice of Shamanic journeying is a pre-requiset for taking this workshop.

Workshop Facilitator: Alec Davis

Summer 2024


Location: Seattle, WA

Price: $150.00

Have questions or want to register email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.