present journeys alec davis2

SUMMER 2024   1-2:30pm  FullSizeRender.56 (TBD)
$35.00 Per Person
 Maya Whole Health, Renton, WA
This beautiful & simple guided meditation is perfect for providing grounding and centering.   
Alec will use a combination of recorded musical tones; studio instruments; and his own voice to provide guidance into a deep meditative state. You will learn new techniques and/or be reminded of ways to practice meditation in your own time and space. The guidance is specially designed to enhance experience of using your breath, and visualization to help bring you into a deeper relationship with your inner self. Guided Meditation can be a very easy way to simply reduce the stress in your life. It can also be a door way into new insights that have the possibility to produce positive changes in your life. All you need to bring to this workshop are an open mind, and something to document your experience; like your journal or notebook. No previous experience required.  
Preregistration is required. Limit of 8 registrations.  Contact Maya Whole Health to register
Note: This workshop may be cancelled 48 hours in advance if minimum registration is not met.