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For quite awhile now I've thought about what I choose to watch or read, as well as what I then choose to share. For me it is connected with how I have chosen to live my life. Much of what is offered in the form of news & information comes from a place of fear. It's often communicated with the intent, consiously or unconsicously of creating fear. It comes into our lives via TV, Radio, Newspapers, and Social Media, and often times by people we know & love. I make an effort (not always successfully) to not join in with this dissemination.

When I hear or see something that I find disturbing I will often think, is there something that I can do right in the moment to help in anyway. If the answer is yes than I will do it, or make a commitment to take some action at some point when it's possible. bee.flower full

Let me illustrate by using one example. The challenge that bee colonies are facing around the world is very real and there has been much reported on this issue. Most of what we hear is that bee colonies are collapsing and dying. What positive information do we hear or read about the work that is being done to bring about a better outcome? Almost none; the information is out there but you have to search far and wide to find any of it. I am using the difficulties that bee's face just as an example, it doesn't mean that I think that it is more or less important than any of the other challenges that we face living in today's world.

It's not the specific difficulites or challenges in our world or lives that I want to call your attention to, but how we choose to allow them to affect us. Almost every day we get make choices as to how we respond to real and imagined crises. We can tune into our fears and become afraid or fearful.

What this type of fear tends to do in many of our lives is to put us into a place of worrying about things that we have little or no control over. From my personal experience worrying does nothing to help or improve whatever we've choosen to worry about. It only creates stress with no positive outcome.

The title of this post is ... "we always have a choice". Difficult and disturbing, as well as the extraordianry and beautiful will happen to each of us during our lives. It is always our choice as to how we react. It is also our choice as to how we allow these events to affect us.

I have choosen to listen,read, and watch less "news". I am also actively seeking and learning more about the many wonderful and positive things that happen each and every day. It has also been a conscious choice on my part to let go of my fears, as well as my past habit of worrying about them. One of the simpliest practices that I've adopted is to radiate as much positive energy as I possibly can.

The most valuable thing that each of us possess is our time. How do you choose to spend yours? Do you believe that your life would change for the better if you stopped worrying about your fears?

The choice is always yours!