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Last night I was teaching a group of students. They were each working with an ancestor of theirs as well as their helping guides or spirits. This is work that resonates very strongly with me. So it was wonderful to be able to share it with others. We finished around 9pm and then had some banana bread before leaving. banana.slug1424579

As I walked out the front door of the house we had been meeting in I found the front porch, walkway, driveway, yard, and sidewalk covered with many "banana" slugs. I then looked to the house and yard to the right, no slugs in sight, I looked to the left, none that I could see, then I looked at the yards across the street, still none...they seemed to have only found their way to the house where we had just spent the previous two hours connecting shamanically with the our ancestors.

Not being an expert in animal totems I knew that I wanted to get home so I could look up what meaning or messages could be there. If you're not familiar with Animal Totems there is much written about them. An easy place to get a quick overview would be a web search.

Here's just a little of what I found at one link on the web thanks to...Slug's Medicine A Slimey Spirit Animal

"Slug is a very "mystical" sort of Spirit Animal... Slug Medicine is in its most primal basic form that of a healer... Slug's wisdom includes that of healing body, mind, and spirit, and represents the connections that must be healthy between these for overall well-being..."

Last night and this morning I find myself reflecting on the synchronistic of the events that happen in my life. Last night being one of them.

Life can be such an amazing adventure. Events happen and then we have complete control over how we respond or allow these events to impact us.

So I choose gratitude! Graditude for the gift of teaching, gratitude for nature, and gratitude for my interpretation of the synchronisity in my life...and lastly gratitude to visiting Banana Slugs.