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The times when I have taught children five years old and younger I have never told them, or had to encourage them to use their imaginations.  It is just something that they intuitively knew/know how to do.  It comes naturally to them, it actually is natural for all of us.  But as we grow older what is taught and modeled is to let go of this part of ourselves.  How many times have any of us been told something like; that's just your imagination you need to be logical/practical?  Or, have you heard children being told to stop talking about their "imaginary" friend;  they're to old for that now, and besides their "friend" isn't real anyway.  What is real versus what is not is not my primary focus in writing this post.  My focus is on one of your biggest gifts, something that requires relearning (for most of us)...your imagination.  


One of my favorite quotes by Einstein is something along the lines of..."Logic will take you from A to Z; your imagination will take you everywhere."  One of the most brilliant and logical minds is saying that your imagination is far more powerful than anything you could do with logic alone.  (Or at least that's how I chose to understand it).  If you believe this even just a little, how does the life you've living compare to a life you might imagine?  Does your ego immediately say something like...get real, you have to be practical. Why does being practical somehow mean you can't work with or use your imagination? It doesn't, that's just a "story" you're telling yourself.  

Nothing is invented, and no art is created without first starting with the imagination.  We must first imagine something and then set about making it a reality.  So why would this somehow not work with every facet of our life?  What if we first used our imagination to envision the life that we would like?  Learn or relearned how to start with our imagination and then use our logic or egoic side to help manifest what we have envisioned.  It's not only possible but there may be people around you who are already doing exactly what I'm suggesting .  To start you need to believe that it's possible.  Why not take the first steps today to a life that your heart has been yearning for?