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One of the more challenging things to learn is how not to undermine what it is that your heart really wants.  Everything that we see, everthing that surrounds us teaches us to listen to our head.  For most of us our logic is what leads us and guides us with every major & minor decision that we make.  How do we make the shift from our head to our heart?  Fear is most likely the thing that holds us back from making that change.  Fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of not knowing what it is that we truly want.  What if we fail?  crow.1.CA

One of the things that can help in making this change is learning how to inhabit the present moment.  I'm sure that you are familiar with "Be here now".  But most of us are not here now.  We are angry or mourning the past, or worrying about the futrue and completely missing the gift of the "now".

How can you learn to take care of whatever it is that you feel needs to be taken care of and then let go of any attachment to a specific outcome?  Challenging isn't it?  That's because we're listening to the logical dialogue that "is" our never ending self talk.  This dialogue masquerades as something that is always urgently important.

One of the most difficult things to learn is how to listen to our heart/intuition and not our fears.  The part of us that is addicted to worrring about anything and everything.  This is what is being played out for us constantly by our heads.   Making a shift away from this chatter takes practice.

Now ask yourself what is it that you really want.  Then close your eyes and breath deeply.  What do you feel?  I'm guessing that your self talk will be right there with some kind of story.

Will you listen to that or will you try and hear the whispers of your heart?

When we let go of our stories even for a moment or heart is there speaking to us.  Pulling us towards our "real" self.

Ask yourself what is it that guides you? 

Who or what answers that question?