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How do you decide to go some place for a vacation or to visit?  Did you hear about It from friends, or maybe you read something about It.  Whatever the case might be you decide to go and then begin to plan your visit.  With my deciding to visit Ikaria it did start with seeing an article in the NY Times about a man from Ikaria.  He had been living in New Jersey and was diagnosed with terminal cancer and decided go back to Ikaria to die.  He ended up moving back "home" not to die but to rediscover his life and his health.  This might not have been his intention but this is what happened.   image

This was the inspiration for my visit.  When faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge what do we do?  What are our first thoughts or fears? Do we become unable to move forward due to those thoughts or feelings.  How do we find the way to move beyond the things that we allow to limit us?  

These are questions that each one of us face on a daily basis.  Sometimes our challenges seem small and other times they feel insurmountable.  But it always seems to come back to finding a way to move forward in spite of them, or possibly staying stuck because it might feel safer than stepping into some unknown place or thing.

The man from Ikaria made a choice.  A choice to return to the place of his birth.  Assuming but not truly knowing what lay ahead.  

So I read some of his story and felt a call to visit the island of Ikaria.  It was my intuition that was clearly telling me to go without knowing logically why.  So I began to plan my visit.